The world will never be the same…

Not long ago, undead seemed to spring up all across civilization, all at the same time. The outbreaks came from numerous sources, and spread quickly. Normally this would be a job for the churches, and the Silver Flame would dispatch it’s holy warriors to demolish the undead. Only this time they failed.

Time to pick up the pieces.


Party: The folks we have, and who they are. See the Characters tab above for specific characters.
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The way this works

The world is a dark place now, with hope of rebuilding but reminders of death all around. A tangle with any infected by the Menace could be fatal, even for a fabled hero. As a DM I will not force you to fight, so be prepared to make tough choices. Character death is fine, even more so when it means something and has helped move the story ahead.

House Rules

Every PC gets a vocation skill for free, automatically trained. Think along the lines of a specific craft or profession.

Play with paper and pencil, not laptops please.

The more background material you create for your PC, the more I will use in the story we tell together.

No Divine magic or power exists anymore. No characters may use the divine power source for any abilities.

Godless Zombies

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