Godless Zombies

The Church's Surprise

Did you know he had a sister?

This needs some embellishment, anyone got some narrative?

Retrieve Kira (Oak’s sister) from the basement of the church

Apparently she was kidnapped by aberrations for six months

Shore up the town against flooding during the big rainstorm

Hey, that’s not just a rainstorm

Go up the mountain to retrieve sea foam green rocks while repelling most of the zombies

Get to Mountaintop for some much needed rest

Have rest interrupted by strange arrival of a second copy of Kira’s buddy Ceentale. They escaped together from being forced into working for Allabar’s forces.

Interrogate them both in the jail; decide to lock them each in a cell and rest

Go to sleep

Ambushed during sleep by beholders and other aberrations in barracks, some of whom teleport themselves and you

Fight to be continued



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