Godless Zombies

The Mountaintop's Foes

Floating balls of tentacles

We pick up mid-fight, as a group of aberrant creatures seems to be trying to kill or capture you from your barracks.

You finished off the two beholders (big orbs of eyes) and their tentacular allies. Archie returned from the void, but Tawar eventually died in the void with Swiftfoot along too. The strange tentacled Ceentale (kalashtar buddy) escaped out the portal that almost swallowed Oak. Investigating the cells you find one exploded body, very gory.

Tawar is revived as Oak and Molasar call in some big favors at the Mountaintop, and upon further questioning by Molasar about the ritual, it appears that the healers had some trouble until they used (and consumed) one of the sky rocks that they had gathered.

Searching through the remains of the big beholder bodies, you find all sorts of useful parts contained in them. One of their internal organs seems to be salvageable into a Salve of Power (see below). Some of the harder bits of stuff are also magical, including a Citrine Solitaire. Some of the bony pieces of the beholders retain some psychic energy, giving you one Psychic’s Ring.

Archie and Allele are also able to extract some of the magical essences from the eyes and eye stalks. This allows you to apply those essences to one weapon that is +2 to make it +3, and one armor that is +2 to make it +3.

After resting up from the long fight you are greeted by a warforged messenger, Libram, who has come to collect the Necromancer’s Book. Libram also brings an offer of information, food, and medical supplies (which the Mountaintop is now quite low on) in exchange for rare metals and ritual components.

Libram agrees to trade for some of your sky rocks, and tells you that Allabar started the plague, probably by using some small biting insects sent from its realm to Eberron to spread it through blood infection. The believed reason was to weaken the gates and allow more easy transport of larger things/creatures to Eberron.

Libram also knows of an item that can cleanse the corrupted portals that are being made. This special staff is possessed by a wizard who leads a large group of undead. The wizard is believed to be working with accomplices, and she frequently uses teleportation magic. She’s been hard to track, but Libram knows she is headed towards the Burnt Wood (northern Thrane, near Tronehold, North of you right now).

The warforged really want the book, but you say that you need time to examine it further first. Libram is also very interested in the adamantine horse, but is not allowed near it. You trade some beholder pieces to Libram in exchange for him teaching Archie the track teleportation ritual to follow this strange wizard.

Things I still owe you:

description of what the sky rocks potential magics are, so you can make stuff out of em what’s in the book how archie’s new ritual works details about Anders and Allele’s escapades (please email me the notes)

Items from today:

Psychic’s RingLevel 12 Common

This crystalline ring glitters with psionic energy, allowing you to communicate telepathically.

Ring Slot 13,000 gp
Power Encounter (Free Action)

You use the psion’s send thoughts power.

If you have reached at least one milestone today, the messages that you and the target exchange can be up to 50 words long.

Solitaire (Citrine)Level 11 Uncommon

This irregular yellow crystal channels healing power to you in battle.

Wondrous Item 9,000 gp
Power (Healing) Daily (Free Action)

Use this power when you score a critical hit on your turn. You spend a healing surge.

Salve of PowerLevel 10 Uncommon

This stoneware jar periodically renews a potent unguent that can restore a character’s power.

Wondrous Item 5,000 gp
Power Daily (Minor Action)

When salve of power is applied to a creature, the target can expend one healing surge to regain the use of one encounter attack power (instead of regaining hit points). If the target has no healing surges remaining, it cannot benefit from the salve.



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