Godless Zombies

The Porting Wizard

Where'd those zombies go?

(Thanks James!)

After saving one of the labs (in the mountaintop) in the previous
session our heroes used a teleportation circle located therein in an
attempt to catch up with a necromancer. Said spellcaster is in
possession of a type of skyrock that we need – one which can help
clear up the aberrant taint currently contaminating most teleportation
magics. The circle took us into Thrain (or what was once Thrain,
anyway) – but didn’t take us directly to the necromancer. Once there
Archie (and others, this is the part where my notes fail me) performed
a ritual to determine where exactly we should go, which ended up being

After travelling some distance we found a large group of zombies led
by a small humanoid (non-zombie) who began summoning sky rocks out of
a gathering storm using magical lightning. Livia, on scout duty
(Ladyhawke style), noticed most of this happening, and reported back
to us (not before the necromancer attacked her with lightning from the
storm though). We moved quickly forward to confront the spellcaster,
and Oak attempted to speak with her. Rather then answer she simply
teleported away. Archie began to re-cast her ritual (to find where
the necromancer had gone) but this time we had to defend her from some
of the zombie horde in the area (most ignored us and wandered off, but
about 7 or 8 did not). The zombies were full of some kind of deadly
spores which did additional damage to everyone around them when they
were struck in melee (except Molasar, advantage – being already dead).

We defeated them, and Archie finished the ritual, this time pointing
us SW.

We ran off again, this time knowing that the necromancer wasn’t far
away. As we approached her again Molasar took bat form and flew above
the zombies and their mistress, hidden from sight in the storm and
darkness. After conferring telepathically with Oak on their plan (try
to speak again, but if she goes to cast a spell Molasar attacks from
surprise) we confronted her a second time. Oak asked to speak with
her, and then when she seemed to not be interested, asked what she was
doing here. She responded by saying something to the effect of “Here
- I’ll show you!” and began casting some kind of spell (maybe).

Molasar turned from bat to human (err… vampire) and dropped out of
the sky directly above her.

Roll initiative – to be continued…

(Side note – a good number of sky rocks were recoverd by the group as
well (mostly Jen and Becky, Kim also has one that looks suspiciously
like a 2-handed sword already…).



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