Godless Zombies

The Rocks' Descent

So many rocks, so many zombies

After the warforged had been subdued, everyone turned their attention to gathering the fallen and still falling skyrocks. Oak appeared fully able to move around, and could tell where the nearest rocks were at any given time.

The fog still clung heavily, restricting vision, but the unmistakable sound of large groups of zombies carried through, as the mysterious rocks of different sizes (from handspan to full human armspan in width) continued to fall.

These zombies gathered together quite closely, grabbing at any who came nearby. Many sported sharp teeth that dug deep during their death throes, puncturing Skip’s leg twice. Some of these creatures had flowing viscera, entangling intestines around Oak and others to drag them in closer and squish messily.

Among the falling skyrocks appeared a large cloud of shimmering energy, washing over parts of the battlefield, which seemed to help Oak greatly and slightly impair the zombies caught in it.

Some zombies did get to some of the skyrocks, bursting into flashes of energy upon reaching their goals. No one knows what causes this to happen, but there are theories.

As the battle raged on, Anders spotted a warforged lurking by the broken wagon, staying out of the fight. After cleaning up the last of the zombies and gathering up numerous skyrocks, most of which end up in the bag of holding Archie carries, the party returns to the wagon to check on the unconscious warforged hostage and Kraas. Both appear bruised but alive, although the wagon has been ransacked and there are warforged tracks leading further east.

Anders tracks them for a while, with help from Livia, but is pulled back by Oak’s orders, so the gang can regroup and bring Kraas back to Copperforge to install him as mayor properly. The warforged have escaped for now, though without their comrade held hostage.

Scouring over the debris of the wagon and the remains of the combatants, you find:
Belt of Raging Endurance

The amber glow spreading from this behemoth-hide belt swirls into the spirit aura of your rage, shielding you until the glow flares red.

Waist Slot

You gain 1 healing surge.

Power Encounter (Immediate Interrupt)

Trigger: An enemy hits you and causes damage.

Effect: You gain resist 15 against that attack, but you also take 10 damage at the end of your next turn.

Guardian Shield Level

Activate the power of this shield to defend an ally from attack.

Arms Slot: Any shield
Power Daily (Immediate Interrupt)

You can use this power when an adjacent ally is hit by an attack. You are hit by the attack instead. The ally is unaffected by the attack. You then gain resistance to all damage equal to half the damage dealt by the attack (if any) until the start of your next turn.

Boots of Sand and Sea

These wax-coated coverings help you glide over the earth when you are lightly encumbered, and might save you when the current runs deep.

Feet Slot 5,000 gp


Gain a +1 item bonus to speed while wearing light armor or no armor.
Power Encounter (Free Action)

Gain a +5 power bonus to an Athletics check to swim.

Amulet of Protection +3

This light blue amulet increases your defenses.

Enhancement Bonus: Fortitude, Reflex, and WillNeck Slot

Rogue’s Belt

No one can hold you, no chains can restrain you, and no bars can contain you while you wear this slick belt.

Waist Slot 9,000 gp


You can attempt to escape a grab or restraints as a minor action.

Ring of Uncanny Judgment

This ring resembles the scales of justice bent in a circle, and it broadens your judgment of your surroundings.

Ring Slot 17,000 gp


You gain a +2 item bonus to Insight checks.
When you mark an enemy, you automatically know the distance and direction to that enemy at all times while the mark persists.



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