Godless Zombies

The Warforged's Wagon

More fun than a barrel of animated tools

The party heads east following after the warforged who have taken Content Not Found: Kraas and seem to have a metallic horse with them. The tracks become erratic, and less controlled, suggesting that the horse does not stay under their complete control.

As the hours pass, the weather becomes foggier, and a storm begins to close in. Not a rainstorm, but another massive fall of skyrocks, seeming to end up right on top of the party. The large group of zombies is still in pursuit, now masked by the fog but surely spurred on by the storm. The warforged party, from the tracks, seems to double back.

Soon after the first skyrocks fall to the ground the warforged appear, attempting to gather up the rocks in their wagon. Visibility is poor, and discussion with the warforged soon turns to fighting, as they show no interest in giving back Kraas or the goods they stole from town.

The battle is chaotic: strange flying tools aggressively protect the warforged, and Oak goes down from being struck directly by a three-foot long skyrock. Content Not Found: Tharaszap flies around gathering skyrocks, and a half-orc climbs from the inside of the wagon to take control of the big metal horse, riding it away and over some of the warforged. This woman seems to have a wolf with her, who shows the ability to teleport after being struck by a skyrock directly in the shoulder.

Magic from inside the wagon continues to aid the warforged and attack the party, but numbers prevail and the warforged are overwhelmed. One tries to escape but cannot outrun Molasar and Anders. The last warforged surrenders, knowing it has no chance of escape.

What was in that wagon?
Why were they fleeing east?
What made them turn around?
Who is this woman on the horse?



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