Godless Zombies

Skyrock Follow-up

You’ve assembled quite a collection of sky rocks so far, most in a Handy Haversack if I’m not mistaken.

Their sizes … are not constant. Sometimes they get bigger, sometimes they get smaller. Perhaps a good topic for further investigation. I will classify them as small, medium, large and extra large.

All of them have a strange lightness to them, as if they weigh much less than you’d expect. They give off light, sometimes more sometimes less. They feel powerful when you hold them, and often are warm to the touch.

You found two small ones near the abandoned farmhouse, by the outskirts of Copperforge. They are a light brown or tannish color. They make you feel swift as the wind as you hold them, as a bird of prey. I believe this same type is also what you used for Archie’s staff and Skip’s belt. They also appeared at the Lake by the mountain where you fought the lake ‘god’ who emerged from the water.

You’ve amassed many rocks that have a rich blue hue. One of them is in Oak, another in Swiftfoot, and some were traded to the warforged. Tharaszap has a few too. You have 16 small, 5 medium, 1 large and 3 extra large pieces. As you take them out of the bag to examine them in the Mountaintop you find that they don’t stay still. The small ones especially seem to vibrate a hum, moving slightly as they are near each other. Oak also seems to have an attractive force on them. These rocks make you feel friendly and inspire you to seek out new communities with which to trade and exchange.

The two halflings you met briefly when leaving the Necromancer’s lair had a rock that was pink in color, and they felt strongly that it could be a strong method of channeling healing magic, perhaps even to cure the zombie menace. They are seeking more like it.

At the Necromancer’s lair you saw a cage or shell that Veyii had made for his wife Deena, to protect her. These rocks were in a magical lattice and glowing bright white with energy. They also looked to be burning.

Veyii has a large number of sky-rocks that are dark purple, and seem to be effective at letting him create and control undead. Archie had one medium long piece that she allowed Veyii to use (I think) to amplify his assembled pieces’ powers so he could subdue the undead dragon. When Veyii uses the set of sky rocks it looks like a hand made up of individual pieces, about 5 or 6 feet long. You often feel very hungry while he’s using them to channel his magic.

Recently you’ve encountered a number of sea foam green rocks. Kira (Becky) has a staff with two pieces of this material on it, and she saw more in use when she was a captive. Resiv (the warforged who the town guard brought to you after his strange awakening) seems interested in these especially. You’ve collected 2 small, 2 medium and 2 large rocks yourself, and the warforged have at least 1. As you manipulate the sky rocks they make you feel like roaming, going your own way, seeking out new places and being free of your troubles.

Anders (Ben): you and I should also talk separately. :)

So what do you want to do with them? Any questions?



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