Godless Zombies

The Ghosts' Disappearnace
Do you see dead people?

The leftover ghosts all went away (or into the haversack?), the soldiers cleaned up some bodies, and the warforged looking for magic sky rocks were defeated. Still having some planar disturbance problems, food shortage, druid shortage and zombie surplus. Anders had some intense conversations with ghosts, Allele lead them in religious rites, and Livia learned some healing tricks for the mentally diseased.

The interior parts of the box have some interesting runes moving around that Archie can harness. These function as a Long Battle Tattoo (Property: When you hit with a daily attack power, you gain a bonus to the damage roll equal to the number of healing surges you have spent since your last extended rest.) and a Tattoo of Bloodied Chains (Property: The first time you’re bloodied by an attack during an encounter, the enemy that bloodied you is immobilized (save ends).

Searching the remains of the warforged, you find some interesting parts that Archie can repurpose. They had:

  • Couters of Second Chances (Arms, Power (Daily): Free Action. Use this power when you miss with a melee attack. Reroll the attack, and use the second result, even if it’s lower.)
  • Boots of Rapid Motion (Feet, Power (Encounter): Immediate Reaction. Trigger: An effect slows you. Effect: You make a saving throw against the triggering effect. On a save, the effect ends. Power (Daily): Minor Action. You gain a +1 power bonus to speed until the end of the encounter.)
  • Greaves of Fortunate Falling (Feet, Property: When you’re knocked prone (including when you fall unconscious), you can fall into any unoccupied adjacent space instead of your current space. Being prone does not grant enemies combat advantage.)

and 400 gold worth of salvageable metal and rare wood components.

The Water's Moving!
these ponds stink!

Slimes, ponds, many many ghosts. Some of you got a good chance to wash yourselves. The stories about the water just up and moving around appear to be true… but it’s not clear why.

Some of the magic ponds left behind small nuggets of ice/water/mud (six little nuggets). Acts as a healing potion, allows you to breathe water for the encounter.

One of the jellies was filled with residuum, 3600gp worth of it. Another slimy thing had a ring frozen inside it: The Ring of Walloping – +3 bonus to critical hit damage per plus of your implement or weapon.

Among the bodies, as you sift through parts, you find two suits of enchanted leathers that have survived the carnage: Magic Leather Armor +2 each.

Echoing ghost disease: Archie, Alpha, Skip. current stage: -2 penalty to Will and to all skill checks.

The Rock's Trade
and then folks go crazy

rectangular magical sky rocks that makes hair stand on end (electricity?)

three cube-like skyrocks

Shadowdancer’s Cloak +2
Tall black thigh high leather boots (magical)
Vigorous Resolve Vestments (Cloth) +2
Barbed Baldric
Armor of Psychic Resist +2
Cape of the Mountebank +1
Battleforged Shield
Boots of Free Movement
Urn of Everlasting Provisions
Wineskin of … Water?
Handy Haversack

You met a party of warforged for this trade
There was a big storm of skyrocks and then rain

You did not find the mysterious moving pond, but instead get caught in a thunderstorm.

Folks inside the bunker were going crazy, catatonic, shitting themselves, and somewhat suicidal. Others were sane and barricaded.

The souls outside the bunker start shrieking at you!

The Zombie's Stand
does it ever end?

Wow, what a night. Just one fight, but it was a doozy.

No PC casualties, about 70 zombies died (I may have lost count though,
could be more), including one big guy and dozens of expendable weak

A mysterious messenger was rescued in the nick of time, surviving to
deliver her maps and notes.

Numerous objects fell from the sky, some of them obliterating zombies
that were hit on the ground. Allele managed to salvage three things: a
curved beam, a long shaft with knobby ends, and a partial sphere. They
seem to make her run faster, and they emit some deep growling noises.
It looks like they are made of soil, rock and air, but they feel solid
yet quite light.

The tank survived, though it did have some unfortunate noises come out
of it. More useful for Skip than Kraas perhaps. At least that’s what
the elder hobgoblin would say, as he berates his son for avoiding the
front line.

Awesome moments:
Livia up on top of the tank, throwing her spear (and often falling
off). Bonus plot point!

Allele heading into big groups of zombies on her own to recover the
strange falling objects. Bonus plot point!

Please share your stories, theories and observations. What should you
do next? What newfound boons will Level 5 bring? What magic items do
you want to find, make or manipulate? And what about the scientists!

The Door's Friend

Congratulations gang on finishing off the cult of Belashyrra and
freeing the smith’s brother (Jarred) from their grasp. Because of the
friendly teleportation help, you’re at the military outpost with time
for an extended rest before the zombies attack. You’ve also got level

There are a bunch of hostages to deal with and some secrecy concerns.
There’s also all sorts of interesting exploring to do, meeting people,
and looking into weapon research. I know at least Archie wants to do
some crafting too.

The Dolgaunt's Fall

The things you found on the Orc and Dolgaunt include:
skalds armor +1
parrying bastard sword +1

The Cult's Cave

Pursuing the smith’s brother and the lead from the friendly Half-Orc, the party heads north following tracks.

The town they find is deserted, the tracks leading to a cave.

In the mouth of the cave are six zombies, once orcs and half-orcs. Further in they find strange writing on the wall, names apparently, holding souls. There is a magical glyph of madness on the floor protecting some smashed shrines to Arawai, Balinor and Olladra.

Chanting comes from further down the hall, where a Dolgaunt is leading cultists in a ritual offering something to a big eye on the wall. They are defeated and a trap door leads down into Khyber shaped by the madness of Xoriat.

The Blacksmith's Forge

The blacksmith’s shop has fire beings coming out of the forge, and a strange creature in the basement, along with disembodied hands grabbing at you.

The smith’s brother went north to explore for more ‘dragonshards’ that they saw fall recently.

The Director's Office

The final room in the underground lab holds the Director, who seems crazy and also scared of Anders, mistaking him for Mr. 37.

Oozes and swarms came up out of the collapsed soil in the corner of the lab.

Our story so far

I’d love to see some player submitted stories and versions of events so far.

In the first session our party left the Mountaintop, encountered some desperate survivors, noticed a kobold mining operation with something bigger in the lead, got down to the town, helped rush some farmers into the church for shelter when the zombies came in, lost one to a zombie bite and found an underground tunnel in the church basement.

There were also some interesting Silver Flame relics and three folks trying to muster the people of town to their causes.


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