Mountain weapons research arcane military complex.
Mountain peak near Mournland
Former mine, abandoned
Consortium of powers moved in for researching

Archetypes: researcher, soldier, commander, ranger/scout, native guide, medic, tunnel rat, senior administrator, diplomat, company man, hippie protester, local advocate, accidental spy, refugee, courier/messenger, screw-up, quartermaster, engineer, senior scientist/head in the clouds/big picture visionary,

  • Oak(Brian): senior administrator and diplomat PR guy. Family out in the world, living last in the country (did they survive?). Knows all the higher-ups.
  • Archie(Jen): gadgeteer and spy. Mandatory service, modifies equipment, technical abilities, sent to secret program. Has a promising native protege. Has some family that is not important. Opportunity in going out on expedition.
  • Skip(Dan): courier and runner close combat specialist. grew into psychic powers and got thrown out of military academies. Follows orders. Boarding school, rich background, merchant parents. Dragonmarked background, shipped off to academy. Wants to find his governess.
  • Anders(Ben): messenger and accidental spy. lots of menial jobs to cover up the military background. Boot camp with Jen. Handy man. Secret black ops past. House Phiarlan courier. Find out what’s left of the organization/countries/powers.
  • [[Allele](Emily): accountant, protege, true believer, raised in the facility, arcane pupil. Very practical, gets things done. Professional work with Jen. Weird parents. Has a young child of her own. Lost parents, then partner to zombies.
  • Livia(Sara): native worker, outdoorsy, carrier, trapped via courier guidance, refugee. Ambivalent about working for them. Half-sibling to Emily. Village may not have survived. Seeker, possibly human.
  • Vraas(James): military officer, past mess-ups, oblivious. Disobeyed orders but saved lives, reprimanded for insubordination.

Kicker: Doors have been closed for a year, just being opened now.


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